Jamaica Tourism Is Expecting an “Unbelievable Year” in 2023

Jamaica Tourism Is Expecting an “Unbelievable Year” in 2023

Jamaica has big expectations for tourism in 2023, according to Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett.

The island’s tourism chief says 2023 will be a “great comeback year” for the hospitality sector, with both earnings and arrivals expected to exceed pre-pandemic levels.

“Based on the trajectory, we have every reason to believe that 2023 will be an unbelievable year for tourism,” Bartlett said. “We have recovered faster than anybody could have imagined, and for this I must commend the team at the Ministry of Tourism and also all of our international partners.”

Jamaica is not only close to a recovery, but is “on par with rival competitors” like the Dominican Republic and Mexico, he said.

“Without a doubt, our recovery numbers are the best in the English-speaking Caribbean,” he suggested. “We are also a model for many tourism-dependent countries, many of whom have patterned their recovery program off what we have managed to do here in Jamaica.”

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